The atmosphere was electric as the Footgolf Devon League Final kicked off, bringing together the finest players from across the region. Excitement filled the air as all players were ready for the battle for the ages. As the final scores were tallied, it was Luke Phillips who emerged as the ultimate victor with an impressive […]

Match Day 10 – 1st September

The Footgolf Devon League event 10 proved to be a remarkable display of skill and talent, with Chris Hopton emerging as the ultimate champion of the night. Hopton’s astonishing score of 55 catapulted him to the top of the league after six grueling rounds. In an entertaining twist, footgolf Devon organisers produced a poll  to […]

Match Day 9 – 18th August

The Field of Dreams in Cullompton was brimming with excitement as the highly anticipated Footgolf Devon league event returned for event 9. Even with storm Betty looming closer on the horizon, the event saw its largest turn out to date, with a staggering nine groups of four players participating. The atmosphere crackled with anticipation as […]

Match Day 8 – 28th July

In the thrilling Footgolf Devon League event 8 on Friday, July 28th, we witnessed an exhilarating display of skill and resilience. Despite the unfortunate last-minute withdrawals of the likes of players like Bobby Hopkinson, Joseph Hawkins, Sam Evans, and Matt Gardner plus some other, the remaining players rose to the challenge with unwavering determination. The […]

Match Day 7 – (Bonus Date – 21st July

The Footgolf Devon League bonus event took place on Friday 21st July and once again delivered a quality of footgolf that the Southwest are beginning to become renowned for! Group one consisted of talented players of Chris Hopton, Joe Hawkins, Matt Gardner, and Andy Isaac, these individuals showcased their skills, determination, and enthusiasm for the […]

Match Day 6 – 14th July

Footgolf Devon league match 6 was a real challenge! The course was wet underfoot and the wind made it even more difficult. But despite the conditions, the Footgolf Devon league players managed to pull off some great shots and even a few birdies. It was a real test of skill and determination, and everybody had […]

Match Day 5 – 30th June

The Footgolf Devon League event 5 that took place on Friday 30th June was a true test of skill and endurance for all the players involved. The weather was wet and windy, but the players were undeterred and determined to give their best. Despite the challenging conditions, the event was a great success, and all […]

Match Day 4 – 23rd June

On Friday 23rd June, Footgolf Devon hosted league event 4 which turned out to be one to remember. The course was in top-notch condition thanks to the efforts of Paul Hawkins and Sam Evans with each hole offering a unique challenge to players of all skill levels. As the evening went on, we saw some […]

Match Day 3 – 2nd June

Footgolf Devon League match 3 took place last Friday 2nd June. It was a beautiful day for footgolf with bright weather, and the competition was fierce. Steve Parry emerged victorious for the evening with a final score of 61. So Congratulations to Larry on his impressive score! It was also an exciting day for young […]

Match Day 2 – 19th May 2023

The Footgolf Devon league event 2 took place on Firday 19th May. The sun was out finally and the long awaited opening of HOLE 6 to its full capacity was made available for the Footgolf Devon league Footgolfers. The second league outing saw more newbies making their debuts and also the return of some old […]