Footgolf Devon League 2023 champion, Luke Phillips
Footgolf Devon League 2023 champion, Luke Phillips

The atmosphere was electric as the Footgolf Devon League Final kicked off, bringing together the finest players from across the region. Excitement filled the air as all players were ready for the battle for the ages.

As the final scores were tallied, it was Luke Phillips who emerged as the ultimate victor with an impressive 18 hole score of 57 and was crowned the Footgolf Devon League Champion of 2023. All competitors erupted into applause, celebrating his exceptional talent and undeniable sportsmanship. Luke had showcased the true essence of the game, and his victory was well-deserved. Luke consistently showcased his talent by performing at a high level throughout the season. He consistently scored low in each event and demonstrated a high level of skill in executing shots. He never faltered in his performance and consistently delivered excellent results. His talent and sportsmanship by being versatile along with his experience of various footgolf courses and conditions, has enabled him to adapt to different terrains, weather conditions, and course layouts, showcasing his ability to navigate any challenges that were presented to him. Luke displayed exceptional sportsmanship by always adhering to the rules of the game, treating opponents with respect, and gracefully accepting both victories and losses. He exhibited fair play by acknowledging opponents’ successes, maintaining a positive attitude, and displaying good sportsmanship throughout the league.

When it came to the Footgolf Devon League final night, Luke demonstrated exceptional mental strength, which contributed to his success as a champion. He remained calm under pressure, persisted during challenging moments, and stayed focused on his game plan, even when being matched toe to toe by Chris Hopton. His ability to maintain composure and make sound decisions under pressure was a testament to his talent and sportsmanship. Overall, Luke Phillips showcased his talent and sportsmanship through consistent performance, versatility on different courses, fair play, mental strength, and a strong work ethic. These qualities helped him secure the title of Footgolf Devon League Champion in 2023. Congratulations Luke.

But the evening was not only about Luke’s triumph. Other players had their moment to shine as well. Will Lugg, a young prodigy, displayed an extraordinary aptitude for the game, securing the title of under 16’s champion in his first season playing Footgolf. It was an awe-inspiring performance, demonstrating the potential of this exciting young player. Will Lugg’s exceptional skills in Footgolf set him apart from other participants in the Devon final due to his remarkable accuracy throughout the tournament, consistently shooting the ball precisely towards the flag. This allowed him to navigate challenging obstacles and narrow gaps with ease, maximizing his chances of scoring. Will demonstrated an extraordinary ability to kick the ball over long distances, easily reaching the targets in fewer shots than his competitors. His powerful shots gave him an advantage by reducing the number of strokes needed to complete the course successfully. His excellent strategic thinking and decision-making skills, where he consistently chose the most advantageous route, taking into consideration the layout of each hole, the position of hazards, and the potential risks involved. This allowed him to select the best shots and avoid unnecessary penalties or lost strokes. Will showcased versatility in his Footgolf skills, adapting to different terrains and weather conditions effectively. Whether it was a hilly landscape on Hole 9 or a windy day in June, he adjusted his shots and techniques accordingly, giving him an edge over others overall, this allowed him to stand out and claim the Under 16 title, and you can’t help but think that this will be the first of many.

Tony Follett, was another triumphant competitor on finals night with a score of 59. With unwavering dedication and remarkable skill, Tony claimed the title of over 45’s champion, leaving all of the Footgolf Devon players in awe of his abilities.  With every fiber of his being, Tony embodied unwavering dedication and unwavering discipline. Relentlessly, he trained day in and day out, never succumbing to the pressures of his competitors of Paul Hawkins, Bret Ansley, Steve Williams and Gareth Parker. With each event, Tony gracefully maneuvered through the course and left the league breathless and full of admiration for his talent and tenacity resounding over the field of dreams. As the final moments arrived, Tony’s victory seemed inevitable, as though the heavens themselves had bestowed upon him an invisible crown. As he stood before the crowd at the presentation, the gold medal draped around his neck, Tony fulfilled his season long dream. He proved to himself and the southwest that practicing your craft with unwavering dedication and indomitable spirit, anything is possible. Congratulations, Tony Follett, the embodiment of perseverance and inspiration. You have left an indelible mark on the Footgolf Devon League, forever etching your name alongside the greats. May his story be an eternal testament to the potential that lies within each and every player.

The newcomers also made their presence felt. Eliot Fisher left an indelible mark on the tournament by achieving a tremendous score of 61, earning him the title of Best Newcomer. It was a performance that left everyone eagerly anticipating his future in the sport. , Eliot’s name found itself etched in the annals of the Footgolf Devon League history. Eliot glided into the realm of competition with grace and determination. Battling against skilled adversaries, he played each shot with unparalleled precision, shaping the unfolding tale of his triumph, whispers of astonishment spread like wildfire through the endeavouring tournament players, “Could Fisher finish top for the finals night”. The young prodigy displayed an intellectual acuity that transcended his newcomer status, amassing an awe-inspiring score of 61, a mere 4 shots behind the winning score in the end. The magnificent feat catapulted him to the esteemed position of Best Newcomer, solidifying his name among Footgolf Devon’s most revered figures. As the final echoes of applause fell upon the presentation evening, Eliot stood tall, basking in the spotlight that had so ardently eluded him. And as appreciation and admiration washed over him, he became a beacon of hope for future generations, a reminder that greatness may indeed be born from the very core of obscurity. For Footgolf Devon shall forever remember the glory of Eliot Fisher’s legacy as a newcomer, and never forget the power that lies within their newest arrivals.

Chris Hopton, a name that echoes through the halls of glory, etching itself in the annals of Footgolf Devon’s triumphs. His indomitable spirit and unwavering determination were matched only by his unparalleled skill. The tale of how Chris Hopton ascended to the pinnacle of success, claiming victory and the coveted trophy for the best six scores over the league season will be spoken for decades. From the very first event, Hopton demonstrated his genius, his every movement on the field a symphony of precision and finesse. As the events passed, the league watched in awe as his mastery of the game unfolded before their eyes. With each event, Hopton’s brilliance grew, setting him apart from his rivals. His dedication to perfecting his craft was evident in every tee shot and putt he produced. As the tension thickened in the climax of the league season, Hopton’s resolve remained unyielding. The pressure mounted, with Steve Parry hot on his heels, yet he embraced it, for it was within these crucial moments that true champions shine brightest. In a gripping display of skill and nerve, Hopton ensured his victory by finishing top of the Footgolf Devon League. His commitment to excellence brought richly deserved rewards. With unwavering focus, his efforts saw him secure the best six scores, painting a breath-taking picture of his unparalleled brilliance throughout the season. Every approach, every putt, was a testament to his dedication and unwavering spirit. He claimed the trophy for best 6 scores and 2nd place behind Luke on the final night. Amidst the thunderous applause of league players at the presentation, Chris Hopton stood tall, cradling the gleaming trophy in his hands. His name forever etched in the sport’s history, a symbol of greatness for generations to come. The journey had been arduous and perilous, but in the end, Chris Hopton had emerged victorious within the 10 league events, a legend in his own right.

Chris Lewis had always been known for his powerful swing on the footgolf scene. His unwavering dedication had earned him the well-deserved reputation as the king of the fairway. Thus, it was no surprise when he triumphed in the prestigious Longest Drive competition. With bated breath, his group watched as Chris approached the tee, his eyes fixed on the distant flag. His foot connected with the ball, creating a resounding crack that echoed through the quiet evening air. The ball soared into the sky, carried by an invisible force, and gracefully landed within the boundaries of the fairway. Cheers erupted from the onlookers, for Chris had undoubtedly secured another victory with his awe-inspiring drive. These precision tee shots also landed him with the Footgolf Devon plate and the “Most Hole In Ones” for the season

Meanwhile, Andy Isaac possessed a finesse and precision that seemed almost supernatural. His delicate touch with a football made him the envy of every footgolfer on the course. It was no wonder, then, that he reigned supreme in the elusive Nearest The Pin contest. As Andy stepped onto the tee, he exuded an aura of elegance and poise. His eyes focused on the flag, calculating the exact distance and angle required. With a gentle swing of his left leg, the ball soared through the air as if guided by an invisible hand. It landed softly on the green and rolled towards the flag, stopping a mere breath away. The crowd marvelled at Andy’s seemingly effortless mastery, proclaiming him the unquestioned victor of nearest the pin

After a thrilling season, the much-anticipated Footgolf Devon League of 2023 has reached an enthralling climax. With ten exhilarating events and a nail-biting finals night, the league has left spectators craving more. Fear not though, the Footgolf Devon League will return in 2024, promising an even grander affair. Throughout the season, players from all corners of the county showcased their exceptional skill and unwavering determination on the meticulously manicured Field of Dreams. Week after week, they displayed remarkable accuracy and remarkable precision, captivating audiences with their every move. As the league reached its crescendo, tensions were high on the finals night. The top contenders battled fiercely, each aiming to be crowned the ultimate Footgolf champion. Spectators held their breath as balls soared through the air, gracefully landing into carefully placed holes. It was a captivating display of both athleticism and tactical prowess.. Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all the following players involved the season:

Chris Hopton, Steve Parry, Luke Phillips, Andy Isaac, Gary Fisher, Tony Follett, Talan Annear, Paul Hawkins, Justin Yeates, Sam Evans, Luke Coombes, Jamie Cottrell, Eliot Fisher, Steve Williams, Daneil Bealey, Bret Ansley, Neil Keen, Joe Hawkins, Ronnie Street, Gareth Parker, Chris Lewis, Rob Mucklow, Matt Gardner, Tomas Brown, Justin Hunt, Bobby Hopkinson, Ashley Bevan-Smith, Ben Brown, Mark Flay, James O’Keefe, Matt Capel, Shane Coffey, Lewis Cox, Deano Stevens, William Lugg, George Williams, Callum Yeates, Fredie Ansley, Elijah Hiller, Zoe Capel.

Will still have the FOOTGOLF DEVON UNDER 12 FINAL to take place on Friday 22nd September at 6pm which we hope that all players will come out to support the young footgolfers.

The conclusion of the finals night marked the end of a momentous season, leaving a sense of accomplishment and anticipation in the air. Footgolf Devon League has delivered an unforgettable showcase of talent and passion for the sport and established the rebirth of footgolf in the Southwest. The Footgolf Devon League will return in 2024, ready to surpass the heights reached this year. The upcoming season holds promises of exhilarating challenges, unparalleled competition, and joyous camaraderie. Preparations have already begun, as the league vows to leave no stone unturned in delivering a truly memorable experience.

So mark your calendars, spread the word, for the Footgolf Devon League 2024 is destined to be bigger, better, and more captivating than ever before.

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