Match Day 10 – 1st September

Footgolf Devon League player in the field midway through kicking the football
Footgolf Devon League player in the field midway through kicking the football

The Footgolf Devon League event 10 proved to be a remarkable display of skill and talent, with Chris Hopton emerging as the ultimate champion of the night.

Hopton’s astonishing score of 55 catapulted him to the top of the league after six grueling rounds.

In an entertaining twist, footgolf Devon organisers produced a poll  to gauge public opinion on Hopton’s extraordinary accomplishment. Results revealed a variety of reactions ranging from amazement to nuanced jesting. One footgolfer who did not want to be named quipped, “If I attempted to score 55, I’d probably do it on a Sunday so we can go on a all day session” haha

However, beneath the light-hearted banter lies an appreciation for Hopton’s remarkable achievement. It is undeniably an exceptional feat to achieve such a score in the Footgolf Devon League. Hopton’s exceptional skill and rigorous training regimen evidently paid dividends, leading him to dominate the night and sneak to top of the table just above Steve Parry who had been leading the table for a number of weeks now! There is a reason why his nickname is “Hotshot Hopton” and this was evident for the league players to see on this Friday night . Hopton’s achievement will undoubtedly be remembered as one of the most remarkable moments in the history of the Footgolf Devon League.

Group One had newcomers, Dan Bealey and Luke Coombes who made made quite an entrance with their impressive score of 62. Their skills and precision on the course were truly commendable. And let’s not forget about Max Bealey, the talented under 12’s player, who showcased great potential with a score of 87. It’s always exciting to see young talent making their mark in the game! But the star of this group was undeniably Chris Hopton. With his exceptional skills and unwavering focus, he managed to steal the spotlight and secure the group victory with an astounding score of 55.

Group two had Footgolf Devon players Paul Hawkins and Sam Evans Ali with under 12 players Jaydan Hawkins and Blake Keen.  Paul Hawkins, with his quicksilver-like agility and a fiery spirit that burned deep within, was a force to be reckoned with. He stepped onto the footgolf course with an air of confidence, his every muscle poised to unleash an impeccable performance. With deft strokes and strategic precision, Paul masterfully maneuvered through each hole, yet not far behind Paul, a formidable contender emerged, chasing his every move with dogged determination. Sam Evans, with a steely gaze and an unwavering focus, matched Paul’s every stroke, refusing to concede even an inch. Their rivalry echoed through the picturesque landscape, creating an atmosphere charged with anticipation. In a display of unyielding resilience, Paul Hawkins managed to secure an impressive score of 61. A wave of rapturous applause rippled through the crowd, acknowledging his unrivaled talents. But Sam Evans had no intention of letting Paul’s brilliance overshadow his own triumph.
In the under 12’s category, Blake Keen, with an infectious smile and boundless energy, emerged as a star in his own right as he hit an impressive score of 68. The crowd was captivated by his youthful exuberance, rooting for him with every stroke. Not far behind, Jaydan Hawkins, following in the footsteps of his father Paul, showcased his innate prowess in Footgolf. Possessing his own unique charm, Jaydan’s score of 71 spoke of a nascent talent ready to unfurl its wings and take flight.

Group three set off with seasoned pro Gary Fisher, newcomer Eliot Fisher and one of the original Footgolf legends Neil Keen, and what an incredible group this was at Footgolf Devon, where Gary Fisher, Neil Keen, and Eliot Fisher showcased their exceptional skills on the course! Gary Fisher stole the spotlight with an impressive score of 63, displaying his mastery of the game. Not to be outdone, Neil Keen and Eliot Fisher put on a fantastic performance, shooting equally impressive scores of 65. But the real star of the show was none other than Fletcher, Neil Keen’s son, who joined in on the fun and displayed some truly impressive shots. Fletcher’s talent and enthusiasm are a testament to the joy and excitement that Footgolf brings to players of all ages.

Group four had Jamie Cottrell and his son Jake along with Bobby Hopkinson and England international Luke Phillips. Bobby Hopkinson emerged as the star of the group with an incredible score of 58, securing the top spot for group 4 with his flawless precision and agility. Hopkinson’s performance was nothing short of remarkable. His ability to navigate the course, considering the various obstacles, displayed a remarkable level of skill and expertise. His accuracy in shooting perfectly aimed shots left the other players in awe. The confidence emanating from each strike showed that Hopkinson was in complete control of his game.
Following closely behind Hopkinson was England international Luke Phillips, finishing only one shot behind at 59. Phillips demonstrated his prowess in both football and golf, employing his technical abilities to gain an advantage over his opponents. His competitive spirit and determination were evident throughout the match, making him a formidable opponent. Jamie Cottrell showcased his best performance of the season, achieving a score of 64. It was a memorable day for Cottrell, who exhibited exceptional ball control and a strategic approach. His improved performance indicated his dedication to the sport and his relentless pursuit of excellence and will be a strong contender for best newcomer score for Finals Days. The under 12’s prodigy, Jake Cottrell, also left an impression on the spectators with his outstanding score of 67. Despite his young age, Jake displayed a maturity and composure beyond his years. His relentless drive to improve and his natural talent were apparent, making him one to watch for the future.

Group five had the father and son combo of Steve & George Williams, along with Andres and Elijah Hiller.  The sun was shining through the clouds and the atmosphere was buzzing with excitement in group 5. Steve Williams stepped onto the course with confidence. He unleashed his skills, showcasing his precision and finesse, which resulted in an impressive score of 64. Everyone was in awe of his talent and consistency. Alongside Steve was guest player Andrew Hiller, who brought his A-game and proved to be a worthy competitor.

In the under 16’s category, the young contenders gave it their all. Elijah Hiller, determined to make his mark, delivered an outstanding performance, achieving his personal best score of 66. It was a moment of triumph for him, and showed his intent for the league under 16’s title. Not far behind was George Williams, who demonstrated great skill and resilience, finishing with a commendable score of 70. With a little more concentration around the greens…it could have been even better for George.

The final group had current league leader Steve Parry, playing along with Bret Ansley and his son Freddie plus newcomer Ronnie Street.  In the heart of the gleaming footgolf course, as the sun’s rays danced upon the emerald grass, an exhilarating showdown took place. The game unfolded with fervor, showcasing the talents of the masters of this unique sport. Steve Parry, known for his impeccable precision, shot a commendable 57, leaving spectators awe-inspired.
However, amidst Parry’s remarkable feat, it wasn’t enough as Chris Hopton, played from group one played with blistering speed and unwavering accuracy that snuck him into the coveted top spot of the league, overshadowing Parry’s brilliance.
Bret Ansley, brimming with unwavering confidence, unleashed his inner champion, displaying an astounding level of mastery. With unrivaled finesse, he effortlessly scored an extremely impressive 63, leaving the crowd stunned by his artistry. Even Freddie Ansley, eyeing the under 16 title with determination, showcased his skills as he matched the newcomer Ronnie Street with an impressive 66.Despite Steve Parry’s credible 57, it was the tenacity of Chris Hopton that prevailed, securing his place as the league’s frontrunner. The names of Bret Ansley, Freddie Ansley, and Ronnie Street also etched themselves onto the minds of avid footgolf followers, for their remarkable performances promised great things to come in the future.

Next up is the FOOTGOLF DEVON FINAL this Friday 8th Sept. 20 players have qualified for the chance to be crowned FOOTGOLF DEVON CHAMPION 2023 ….and anyone could still win it….. as the old saying goes…”on any given Sunday”….or in this case….”ON ANY GIVEN FRDIAY” make sure you tune in for LIVE finals action

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