About Footgolf Devon

Booking Footgolf Devon League Illustration banner showing two golf wholes at either end of the fields and three players with a football each

Footgolf is one of the fastest growing and most talked about sports in the UK, with more than 60,000 people playing each week on over 250 certified Footgolf courses across the UK.

What is Footgolf?

Footgolf was established in 2009 and already was booming in South America and the USA. It has become a popular and competitive sport now in the UK and has a powerful following under the Footgolf Association of England (FGAOE).

Instead of using golf clubs and a golf ball, players use their feet and a football. The winner is the one who completes the course of either nine or 18 holes in the fewest shots.

It is not only played for recreation use but has an established UK professional and amateur tour that comprises of competitions at courses all over the country. The sport attracts a diverse population of participants ranging from families, young children, adolescents, adult males and females and senior players. All they need is a ball and a pair of trainers and they can enjoy the world of footgolf meeting new people whilst remaining fit and active.

Who are we?

Footgolf Devon is run by Stuart Pears, Paul Hawkins and Sam Evans

Stuart Pears

Stuart has competed in competitions nationally for around 5 years now and represented Devon at regional level. He was captain of two club teams and created the Footgolf leagues to help grow the sport.

Paul Hawkins

Paul has competed in competitions both nationally and internationally and represented Devon at regional level. He was crowned Southwest Footgolf Champion in 2019 and has captained a team to back to back Southwest Club championships. He has also qualified for the 2023 Footgolf World Cup in Florida

Sam Evans

Sam has competed in competitions locally for around 3 years now and represented the South Devon team, helping them become club champions 2 years in a row.

All are positive role models within the local community and have been actively involved in tournaments in and around Devon within the last 5-6 years.

All knowledge will reflect in the course at Footgolf Devon, with each person bringing experience and knowledge of the game to help grow the world of Footgolf within the Southwest

Working on the Footgolf Devon course photo