The Basic Rules of Footgolf

Booking Footgolf Devon League Illustration banner showing two golf wholes at either end of the fields and three players with a football each

Just like golf, the general aim of the game is to kick the ball from the tee markers into the hole in as fewer shots as possible!

What clothes are needed?

Any kit or clothing that you are comfortable to play in but we must insist AstroTurf trainers or trainers… NO FOOTBALL BOOTS! This is so the course doesn’t end up like a Sunday league pitch after a 6-6 draw during a down pour!

How many people can play?

Maximum 5 people per group.

Where do I kick the ball from?

Tee off from between and up to 2 metres behind the Footgolf Devon tee markers.

How do you know who’s turn it is?

The player furthest from the hole is next to play each time.

What if I can not kick it because its stuck or obstructed?

You have two choices… either try to play it where it lies or take ‘a drop’ to where you can play it but be warned… this will add a penalty shot to your score.

What if another player’s ball is in the way of the hole?

If the other players ball is within two metres of the flag/hole, then that player can mark and lift their ball if it will hinder another player’s shot.

How can I kick the ball?

The ball must be played with a ‘single contact’, no scooping or rolling of the ball is allowed.

Can I take the flags out when on the green?

This is footgolf! not golf, so please do not remove flags from holes.

Can I dribble to the hole?

No way… once you kick the ball you must wait until the ball has come to a complete stop before you take your next shot.

What if we take forever to putt the ball?

It shouldn’t take too long, although if it looks like the ball just won’t do as you ask… and if you fall behind the group in front… please do let players pass and ‘play through’.

What else do I need to know?


And you never know… you may register the course record!

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