Match Day 9 – 18th August

Two Footgolf Devon League players watching another play mid way through kicking the football into the feild
Two Footgolf Devon League players watching another play mid way through kicking the football into the feild

The Field of Dreams in Cullompton was brimming with excitement as the highly anticipated Footgolf Devon league event returned for event 9. Even with storm Betty looming closer on the horizon, the event saw its largest turn out to date, with a staggering nine groups of four players participating. The atmosphere crackled with anticipation as players from across the county gathered to showcase their skills in this unique fusion of football and golf.

As the dark clouds rolled in and the wind picked up, the determination of the participants only intensified. Undeterred by the impending storm, the players adjusted their strategies, knowing they had to contend with not only the challenging Footgolf course, but also the unpredictable weather. The Field of Dreams became a battleground of skill and resilience, where only the strongest would prevail.

Shot by shot, the players navigated their way through strategically placed goals, battling against the gusts of wind and rain-soaked fairways. The camaraderie amongst the groups grew as they encouraged and cheered each other on, bonding over their shared love for the sport. Despite the tempestuous conditions, the Footgolf Devon league event at the Field of Dreams would be remembered as a testament to the unwavering dedication and spirit of these players who dared to conquer both the elements and the game.

Group one proved to be one of the standout groups with some impressive performances that set the bar high for the rest of the competition. Neil Keen led the charge in this group delivering a remarkable round with a score of 68. His outstanding accuracy and precision rolled back the years for Keen, showcasing his mastery of both the football and golf aspects of the game. While Gareth Parker initially had high hopes for his performance, it wasn’t his best day on the course. Despite his disappointment, Parker still managed to produce a commendable score of 76. A 7 on hole 4 made his final score tough to take by his determination and resilience were evident as he fiercely battled the challenging course and wind conditions, leaving him hungry for redemption in the next league event. One of the most thrilling moments of the evening came from a young prodigy in the under 12’s category. Blake Keen, displaying wisdom and skill beyond his years, finishing with an astonishing score of 69. The future certainly looks bright for this rising Footgolf star who effortlessly showcased his passion and natural talent for the game.

Group 2 had birthday boy Luke Coombes, the people’s champ Eliot Fisher with Andy Isaac who hit a remarkable first shot off the the hole one tee box. In a thrilling display of skill and precision, Eliot Fisher astounded spectators with an awe-inspiring performance. With an impeccable round yielding a phenomenal score of 61, Fisher soared to new heights, leaving both his opponents, Andy Isaac and Luke Coombes, trailing behind with respectable scores of 65. As I delve into the riveting details of this extraordinary group, one cannot overlook the monumental achievement of Isaac, who defied all odds and accomplished the unimaginable—a hole in one on the formidable first hole, a feat never before witnessed in the history of the Footgolf Devon. From the moment Fisher stepped onto the field of dreams, it was evident that he was in the mood. With unwavering focus and unwavering confidence, he navigated the challenging terrain with remarkable precision to secure an unassailable lead over his competitors. Each kick seemed effortless, as if the ball were mere extension of his foot. It was a masterclass in both technique and composure. However, it was Isaac who stole the spotlight momentarily, when he stepped up to the daunting first hole. Known for its intimidating distance and treacherous obstacles, this hole had often proven to be the nemesis of many seasoned Footgolfers. Yet, disregarding all doubts and fueled by a burst of unyielding determination, Isaac unleashed a shot for the ages. With unparalleled accuracy, the ball defied all expectations, soaring through the air and landing gracefully into the awaiting cup. The crowd erupted in thunderous applause, recognizing the magnitude of this unprecedented achievement.
Despite this momentous occasion, it was Fisher who truly emerged as the star of the group. His ability to remain unflappable under pressure and his uncanny knack for precision consistently propelled him to unimaginable heights. From the perfectly executed chip shots to the long, majestic drives, every move he made seemed destined to inch him closer to the path of victory. It was a sight to behold, as Fisher gracefully danced across the verdant fairways, his every move a testament to his undeniable talent.

Group 3 had seasoned pro and current Southwest champ Chris Lewis share a round with newcomer Dan Bealey and under 12’s starlets Oliver and Max Bealey. Chris Lewis, a maestro of the game, delivered a scintillating performance that left other competitors in awe, shooting an incredible 58, while Dan Bealey valiantly trailed behind with a still-impressive score of 68. The sheer skill and sportsmanship exhibited by these two players were truly exceptional, showcasing the pinnacle of Footgolf prowess. Amidst the intense competition, the group also welcomed two remarkably talented under-12 players, Oliver Bealey and Max Bealey. Despite their tender age, these young virtuosos exhibited a dazzling array of skills on the field. Oliver Bealey showcased immense promise, shooting a commendable 81, while Max Bealey demonstrated his growing proficiency, achieving a respectable score of 91. Their spirits remained unyielding throughout, as they fearlessly strove to keep up with the seasoned players, leaving an indelible impression on all those present.
Chris Lewis’s exceptional performance was a testament to his dedicated practice and unwavering focus. His astounding score of 58 will unquestionably place him as a strong contender for finals day. Meanwhile, Dan Bealey’s gallant efforts were not to be underestimated, as his valiant score of 68 proved he was a force to be reckoned with.

Group 4 was a battle of skill, determination, and a test of precision on the beautifully manicured course. Amongst the players, was Footgolf Devon’s resident camper, Tony Follett shooting an incredible 65. His every move on the field had an air of confidence, as if he had been born to conquer the course. The precision with which he directed the ball towards the designated targets was nothing short of awe-inspiring, leaving his opponents astounded. However, it was Chris Atherton, a guest footgolfer, who truly stole the show with his remarkable score of 63. His every swing looked effortless, as if he had some magical connection with the ball. The crowd watched in amazement as he expertly navigated the obstacles, his accuracy and grace unmatched by any other player present. Atherton’s performance was a masterclass in the sport, leaving no doubt that he was the best in the group. On the flip side, Jamie Cottrell struggled throughout the match, the weight of the game clearly weighing heavily on his shoulders. His final score of 77 reflected the hardships he faced on the course and will be looking to improve to grab the best newcomer score on finals day. However, his son, a current under 12’s leaver, showed incredible potential by shooting a commendable score of 74. Despite his young age, he displayed a raw talent that left everyone anticipating his future in the world of Footgolf. With Tony Follett and Chris Atherton stealing the spotlight with their exceptional performances, the game proved to be a testament to the skill and dedication required to excel in this sport. Even amidst struggles, this game continues to introduce us to the promising talent of under 12’s leader Jake, leaving a lasting impression on all who witnessed the event.

Group 5 was a father and son combo with Elijah Hiller and his Dad Andrew and also George Williams with his Dad Steve. This group saw Steve Williams leading the pack with an outstanding score of 69, and under 16 player George Williams closely following with a remarkable 71, it was an exhilarating game to watch . The facilities at Footgolf Devon were top-notch, offering a well-maintained course that provided an ideal setting for an exciting footgolf group. Steve Williams’ impressive score of 69 showcased not only his exceptional footgolf skills but also his ability to master the course’s challenges. It was a treat to witness his confidence and accuracy throughout the game, leaving us all inspired by his performance. Meanwhile, the under 16 players, including George Williams and Elijah Hiller, demonstrated their immense potential by achieving superb scores as well. George scored 71, whilst Elijah was one shot back on 72, highlighted both their dedication and talent at such a young age.
Andrew Hiller hit a steady 71 to match that score by George and provided some lovely tee shots and inch perfect putts. Footgolf Devon is providing a platform where top-class footgolf players can showcase their skills which this group demonstrated.

Group 6 was the group of the night where Steve Parry emerged from the shadows as the unequivocal star of the night. With his remarkable technique and unwavering precision, Parry displayed a stellar performance, leaving spectators and fellow competitors in awe. His unrivaled talent propelled him to score an astounding 56, a feat that left the rest of the league players reeling, gasping for breath in his wake. Trailing not far behind Parry were the trio of determined athletes. Luke Phillips and Talan Annear showcased their skills, barely three shots behind the prodigious Parry. Their strokes, though commendable, paled in comparison to the meteoric rise of Parry’s domination on the field. Meanwhile, the presence of a guest player, Alex Hill, added an unexpected twist to the match. Struggling to keep up with the pro’s in the group, Hill valiantly fought against the relentless obstacles that dotted the course. Alas, his valiant efforts yielded a score of 70, a testament to the formidable challenge that faced him….especially putting from the picnic area As the match drew to a close, the evening air was filled with whispers, enraptured by the dazzling display of skill witnessed that night. Parry’s exceptional talent, leaving no room for doubt, solidified his position as the star of the league, captivating the audience and his opponents alike. In the annals of Footgolf Devon’s history, this group shall forever be etched as the epitome of sporting excellence. A testament to the human potential for greatness, it exemplified the dedication, precision, and extraordinary talent that defines the spirit of this beloved sport.

Paul Hawkins, claimed the lead in group 7 by a razor-thin margin of a solitary shot, firing an impeccable 66. However, it was the arrival of a new luminary on the scene this seasom that sent shockwaves through the assembled crowd. Bret Ansley, a virtuoso on the greens, showcased his prodigious talent, matching Hawkins stride for stride. With steely determination etched upon his visage, Ansley delivered a masterclass, carding an astonishing 67. A mere whisper of a stroke separated these two giants as they danced on the edge of excellence. Not to be overshadowed, the unwavering Joe Hawkins, another fledgling amidst this constellation of stars, battled valiantly. Despite a formidable opponent in the form of the course, he displayed resilience befitting a seasoned campaigner. With his indomitable spirit blazing, he achieved a commendable 79, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of all who bore witness. Yet, it was the young under 16’s wonder kid who stole the spotlight, leaving seasoned veterans in awe of his exceptional talent. With each stroke, he painted a masterpiece on the canvas of competition, clinching a remarkable score of 70 and securing the under 16’s title for the night. As the raindrops started to fall from the  heavens, Footgolf Devon bore witness to a symphony of skill, courage, and talent in this group as each player, whether a seasoned professional or a promising newcomer, left an indelible mark upon the hallowed turf.

Group 8 started with a 3 but ended with 2, as Justin Yeates had to withdrawn towards the end which left Rob Mucklow and under 16’s player Callum Yeates competing against each other.
With every step, both players exuded unwavering focus and determination. It was a sight to behold as they expertly navigated the undulating terrain, aiming to conquer every hole with precision and skill. As the minutes turned into hours, spectators were in awe of their masterful displays. Rob Mucklow, the embodiment of brilliance, effortlessly glided through the course, surpassing every obstacle with utmost grace. Stroke after stroke, he showcased a remarkable score of 62, leaving spectators in complete awe of his sheer talent and determination. Meanwhile, young Callum Yeates, despite the pressure of competing alongside a legend, stood his ground admirably. His steadfast performance resulted in a commendable score of 71, a testament to his burgeoning abilities and commitment to the game.
However, amidst this gripping competition, fate intervened, casting a shadow over the day. The unfortunate moment arrived when Justin Yeates, a contender in the match and father of Callum, succumbed to a slight groin strain. Observers gathered around, expressing heartfelt wishes for his swift recovery, knowing that this setback was merely a temporary pause in his Footgolf journey. With the English open around the corner we wish him a speedy recovery.

The final group saw Bobby Hopkinson, Footgolf Devon’s Sam Evans, newcomer Ronnie Street and seasoned pro Justin Yeates take to the field of dreams. Bobby Hopkinson, a stalwart hailing from southwest, delivered a virtuoso display that would leave spectators breathless. With calculated precision and unwavering determination, he etched his name onto the leaderboard, boasting a standout score of 58. His every stroke reverberated with finesse, captivating all in attendance. Although his “Klinsmann” like celebrations on the fairways and greens were not admired by the Footgolf Devon staff who work tirelessly to create a course suitable for the best players in the country so maybe a little respect for the course and footgolf etiquette would be appreciated next time.

Not far behind Bobby, Sam Evans emerged as a formidable adversary. His every shot resonated with purpose, paving the way to a commendable score of 65. A force to be reckoned with, Evans unveiled a mastery of technique that left his competitors awestruck. However, as with all great battles, there were those who faltered. Ronnie Street, a newcomer to Footgolf, grappled with the challenging terrain, settling for a respectable 74. Justin Yeates, a skillful contender in his own right, found himself trailing Street, a mere shot behind with a score of 75. In the wake of this enthralling contest, these remarkable achievers remind us that Footgolf is not merely a game; it is a testament to the indomitable spirit and burning passion that resides within every player.

What an exhilarating event it was at the Footgolf Devon league event 9 at the stunning Field of dreams! Congratulations to Steve Parry for shooting an incredible 56, showcasing exceptional skill and precision. A remarkable achievement for Larry. But that’s not all! In a truly awe-inspiring moment, Andy Isaac managed to sink a hole-in-one on The Padbrook! A display of sheer talent and nerves of steel.Take a bow, Andy! You’ve left us all in awe with that incredible shot! Let’s also not forget the young star, Freddie Ansley, who is making waves in the under 16 championship. With each event, Freddie continues to impress us all with his dedication, determination, and raw talent. He’s certainly one to watch out for! Keep it up, Freddie

If you missed out on this electrifying event, don’t worry! Stay tuned for more updates on the Footgolf Devon league and witness the extraordinary skills of these remarkable players. See you again soon

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