Match Day 7 – (Bonus Date – 21st July

The Footgolf Devon League bonus event took place on Friday 21st July and once again delivered a quality of footgolf that the Southwest are beginning to become renowned for!

Group one consisted of talented players of Chris Hopton, Joe Hawkins, Matt Gardner, and Andy Isaac, these individuals showcased their skills, determination, and enthusiasm for the rapidly growing sport of Footgolf.

Leading the pack was Chris Hopton, who delivered an outstanding performance throughout the evening. With his precise and powerful shots, Hopton demonstrated his mastery over the Footgolf course. He showcased exceptional accuracy, long drives, and a strong understanding of the game, culminating in a remarkable score of 57. Hopton’s performance undoubtedly set the bar high for his fellow competitors.
Joe Hawkins who is becoming a notable player in the Footgolf community, displayed his skills on the course with a commendable score of 72. While Hawkins may have faced a tough competition from his peers, he maintained his focus and consistency, making impressive shots and delivering on his potential. Hawkins’ performance contributed significantly to the group’s overall success.
Matt Gardner showcased his reliability and strategic approach to Footgolf, contributing a respectable score of 66. Gardner’s technique, combined with his understanding of course management ensured that he maintained a steady pace throughout the 18 holes. Andy Isaac demonstrated his resilience and determination throughout the evening , hitting an impressive score of 61. Isaac’s accurate shots and tenacious mentality helped maintain a low score performance which again in turn would have boosting the group’s overall results.

Group 2 saw one of the standout newcomers to the Footgolf league Dan Bealey. With a solid score of 71, he showcases his refined skills and demonstrates why he’s a force to be reckoned with. However Dan was disappointed with his score but this just adds to his own demanding standards and shows he is always looking to improve. Next in the group was Ronnie Street, who is undoubtedly one of the stars of the evening. Ronnie’s incredible score of 65 highlights his remarkable improvement and dedication to the sport. His strategic approach and consistent performance allowed him to conquer the course with ease. Ronnie’s progress serves as an inspiration to fellow players, showing that hard work and perseverance can lead to impressive results. Among the group, we also have two talented under 12 players making their mark on the field. Oliver Bealey, with a score of 78, demonstrates his potential and natural talent for Footgolf. Despite his young age, Oliver’s skills and composure on the course indicate a promising future in the sport. Meanwhile, Max Bealey showcased his growing abilities with a score of 86. As a developing player, Max’s dedication shines through, and his game continues to improve with each round. His determination and commitment to his craft are evident, and we can expect even greater achievements from him in the future.

In what can only be described as an unforgettable display of skill and talent, Group 3 showcased some impressive performances from both seasoned players and rising stars. Justin Yeates stole the show, continuing his remarkable form by achieving an astonishing score of 59. However, he wasn’t the only standout player, as Tony Follett and Neil Keen delivered commendable performances with scores of 63 and 67 respectively.  One of the most remarkable moments of the match came from under 12s title contender Blake Keen, whose outstanding score of 62 left everyone in awe. These exceptional performances from the players made for an electrifying and thrilling group.
Justin Yeates, with his remarkable score of 59, demonstrated an unparalleled mastery of footgolf techniques. His precision and accuracy were evident in every shot he took, leaving spectators and fellow players amazed. Yeates’ ability to maintain his good form throughout the game showcased his exceptional consistency and deep understanding of the sport. Tony Follett’s score of 63 showcased his impressive skill set. His long drives and precision on the greens were truly marvelous to witness. Follett’s determined focus and strategic gameplay demonstrated his experience and expertise of the course. He proved to be a worthy competitor, challenging Yeates at every hole. Neil Keen displayed admirable resilience throughout the match, scoring a competitive 67. Despite falling short of Yeates and Follett, Keen showcased his unwavering determination and ability to adapt to different obstacles. His consistent performance was a testament to his dedication and passion for the sport. Not to be overshadowed, young Blake Keen showcased immense promise and talent with an incredible score of 62. At such a young age, his performance left everyone impressed and eager to see how his skills will develop in the future. Blake’s remarkable focus and execution on the course were beyond his years, placing him as a strong contender for the under 12s title.

Group 4 turned out to be an exhilarating group as Rob Mucklow showcased remarkable skill and composure to secure top spot within this group. With a score of 59, Mucklow outclassed his competitors in a tightly contested battle at Footgolf Devon. The group kicked off with a surprising turn of events for Justin Hunt, whose evening got off to a rocky start. Struggling to find his rhythm, Hunt encountered some early tee shot mishaps, sending two shots soaring onto the adjacent car park. Although a challenging obstacle to overcome, Hunt persevered through the adversity, demonstrating true sportsmanship. Meanwhile, Mucklow wasted no time in asserting his dominance, exhibiting a remarkable display of accuracy and precision throughout the match. His consistent shot-making and strategic decision-making propelled him to the top of the group, leaving his opponents in awe. Talan Annear displayed immense resilience and determination, finishing with an admirable score of 63. His strong performance kept the competition fierce, constantly challenging Mucklow’s reign and entertaining the gallery with exciting twists and turns. Not to be overlooked, Paul Hawkins from Footgolf Devon showcased his expertise and proved to be a formidable contender. With a well-rounded skillset and an undeniable passion for the sport, Hawkins pushed his limits and contributed to the intensity of the match. Ultimately, it was Rob Mucklow who claimed the victory in this group. His exceptional score of 59 exemplifies his dedication to mastering the art of Footgolf and his ability to rise to the occasion under pressure. Mucklow’s triumph serves as a testament to his commitment and hard work in honing his skills to achieve success on the course. As the group concluded, it became evident that the Footgolf group exhibited great camaraderie and sportsmanship, supporting each other through the highs and lows of the game, and Justin Hunt was still all smiles despite a tough score of 20 over par round. Regardless of the final score, each participant contributed to an evening of thrilling competition and unforgettable moments.

In one of the most exciting Footgolf Devon league groups of the eveningp, Gary Fisher became the standout player of this game with his exceptional performance. Fisher left everyone amazed as he shot an incredible score of 58. Despite carrying a groin injury, Steve Parry managed to showcase his skills by shooting an impressive score of 63, all with his left foot. Parry’s determination and strong will to succeed were evident throughout the 18 holes. Footgolf Devon’s Sam Evans, had a solid performance as well, hitting a score of 69. Evans displayed great technique and precision, earning himself a respectable position within the group. On the other hand, newcomer Ben Brown struggled to find his rhythm this week. Despite his efforts, Brown faced challenges and finished the match with a score of 76 which he will be disappointed with however, the league encourages all players, including Brown, to keep practicing and improving their game. Overall, it was an exhilarating match with Gary Fisher stealing the spotlight with his remarkable score of 58. Steve Parry’s perseverance while dealing with his injury deserves recognition, and Sam Evans showcased his talent with a score of 69. Although Ben Brown faced difficulties, the league acknowledges that setbacks happen and encourages him to bounce back in the upcoming matches.

In group 6, the players displayed their skills and competitiveness, making it an exciting event to witness. One player who continued to show improvement was Bret Ansley, scoring an impressive 67. However, it was Luke Coombes who stole the spotlight, shooting his best score to date with an outstanding 61. The group consisted mostly of under 16 category players, who demonstrated great potential and talent throughout the match. Will Lugg proved to be a consistent performer, hitting a commendable score of 64. Likewise, Freddie Ansley showcased his skills, matching Will’s score with another impressive 64. Callum Yeates gave a valiant effort as well, finishing with a score of 69. Bret Ansley’s score of 67 reflected his continued progress, demonstrating his dedication to honing his Footgolf abilities. His performance should not go unnoticed, as he showcased both skill and determination on the course. This improvement is a testament to the effort he puts into his game.
However, it was Luke Coombes who truly stole the show with his exceptional score of 61. He undoubtedly had a fantastic round, executing shots with precision and finesse. Luke’s achievement is one that should be celebrated, as it not only represents his personal best but also highlights his potential to become a notable player within the Footgolf community. Amongst the group of under 16 players, Will Lugg’s consistency continues to shine through. With a score of 64, he displayed a strong performance, maintaining his position as a respected contender in the league. Freddie Ansley, on the other hand, matched Will’s score with an equally impressive 64, demonstrating his own skill set and raising expectations for future matches. Callum Yeates, while not achieving the lowest score of the group, still contributed to an exciting and competitive atmosphere with his score of 69. His determination and perseverance should not be overlooked, as he continually strives to improve his abilities and it’s good to see under 16 competitiveness within the Footgolf world

In the last Footgolf Devon League group both Steve Williams and his son George displayed remarkable skills, shooting a course par of 66. The match also saw the return of Gareth Parker, who made his comeback to the league with a solid shot of 74. Additionally, the league welcomed a guest player, Elijah Hiller, aged under 16, who showcased his talent by hitting a commendable score of 76.
Under a clear summer sky, the players took to the course with determination and enthusiasm. Steve Williams and his son George quickly established themselves as the ones to watch, effortlessly maneuvering the challenging holes. Their shots were accurate, with their ball control and precision being a testament to their dedication to the sport. Gareth Parker, making a comeback after a brief hiatus, showcased that he had not lost his touch. His instinctive understanding of the course helped him navigate the tricky obstacles, however some missed putts left Gareth slightly frustrated with his round and his shot of 74 will be one the G-man will look to improve on in the Footgolf Devon League. Footgolf Devon hosted an under 16 guest. Elijah Hiller who displayed immense talent on the field. Despite his young age, Hiller demonstrated great composure and skill, hitting a score of 76. His performance undoubtedly hinted at a promising future in the sport. As the group ended their 18 holes, Steve Williams and his son George stood tall, shooting a course par of 66. Gareth Parker’s impressive performance earned him a respectable score of 74, while under 16 guest player Elijah Hiller hit a commendable score of 76.

Fridays night Footgolf Devon league showcased some remarkable performances. The undoubted star of the night was Chris “Hotshot” Hopton, who shot an incredible 57 to secure victory. Hopton’s exceptional display of skill and precision on the course was truly awe-inspiring and showcased why he is considered one of the best in the league. However, Hopton was not the only player who shone that night. Luke Coombes and Ronnie Street demonstrated the adage that practice makes perfect as they achieved their personal best scores to date. Their dedication and hard work were evident in their outstanding performance, leaving spectators amazed.
In the under 16 category, Will Lugg continued to dominate, cementing his position as the player of the moment. Lugg’s consistent form and impressive skills have put him front and center in the under 16 division. His determination and talent make him a force to be reckoned with and a future star in the league. Another standout moment came from Blake Keen, who returned to his comfort zone and reminded everyone of his abilities in the under 12 category. Keen exhibited his intent to claim the under 12 title with a strong performance, leaving no doubt about his talents on the course.

Overall, Friday’s night Footgolf Devon league provided a thrilling showcase of skill, determination, and talent. The performances from Chris Hotshot Hopton, Luke Coombes, Ronnie Street, Will Lugg, and Blake Keen left spectators in awe and anticipation for future matches. The Footgolf Devon League continues to be an exciting platform for the development and promotion of Footgolf, and this Fridays game play epitomized the spirit of the sport here in the Southwest

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