Match Day 8 – 28th July

Footgolf Devon player midway through kicking the football into the field
Footgolf Devon player midway through kicking the football into the field

In the thrilling Footgolf Devon League event 8 on Friday, July 28th, we witnessed an exhilarating display of skill and resilience. Despite the unfortunate last-minute withdrawals of the likes of players like Bobby Hopkinson, Joseph Hawkins, Sam Evans, and Matt Gardner plus some other, the remaining players rose to the challenge with unwavering determination. The cold and windy July evening only added to the intensity of the competition, testing the players’ abilities to adapt and conquer. With each gust of wind, the shots became more challenging, requiring precision and finesse. Yet, the players embraced the elements, showcasing their unwavering passion for the sport. The camaraderie among the participants was commendable, as they supported and encouraged one another throughout the event. Despite the adverse conditions, the players’ spirits remained high, and the atmosphere was filled with excitement and friendly rivalry. It was a testament to the true spirit of Footgolf, where the love for the game transcends the external factors. This event will undoubtedly be remembered as a low-key, relaxed evening for all the participants. Bravo to all who took part and made it a memorable evening of Footgolf!

Group one had Neil and Blake Keen along with Eliot Fisher and Ben Brown. Fisher, known for his precision and accuracy, delivered a good performance, shooting an impressive score of 67. His consistent ball control and strategic approach set him apart from the rest of the group. Ben Brown, a formidable contender, displayed his talent with a solid score of 69. His powerful shots and calculated putts demonstrated his mastery of the game however Ben wasn’t thrilled with his score knowing he can do better. Neil Keen, known for his steady play, finished with a respectable score of 72, showcasing his ability to navigate the challenging course. However, it was an off night for under 12’s player Blake Keen, who faced difficulties and ended with a score of 82. Despite the setback, Blake will sure be back to his natural game and looking to challenge until the end. The group went out earlier than the rest of the league, demonstrating their commitment and enthusiasm for the sport. A good first group but all players will be looking to better the score for the remaining events to come.

Group 2 went out slightly early as will with Luke Phillips, Chris Lewis and Footgolf Devon regulars Tony Follett and Steve Parry. In a thrilling Footgolf group on a blustery evening, Chris Lewis displayed his exceptional prowess, shooting an astonishing 61. His impeccable precision and strategic finesse left spectators in awe. Not far behind, Steve Parry showcased his own remarkable skills, hitting a score of 62. His consistent performance and accurate putts kept the competition intense. Tony Follet demonstrated his talent, delivering a solid score of 64. His adept navigation of the challenging course was evident throughout the match. Despite the gusty winds, Luke Phillips finished with a respectable score of 69, persevering through the adverse conditions. The players played with a relaxed atmosphere, creating a laid back atmosphere with still a competitive edge.

Group 3 had Rob Mucklow, Matt Capel, Chris Hopton. With a few non-attendees, Zoe Capel was placed in this group to make it a very excited group to watch. In an epic Footgolf group, Chris Hopton emerged as the victor of this group dominating the group with an impressive score of 61. His exceptional skills and unwavering focus set him apart from the competition. Rob Mucklow showcased his talent, shooting a solid score of 67. His precise shots and strategic approach kept him in contention throughout the match. Matt Capel delivered a commendable performance considering he hasn’t played for a number of weeks, finishing with a score of 70. His consistent play and calculated putts demonstrated his mastery of the game. Under 16 starlet Zoe Capel displayed her potential, hitting a score of 77. Her determination and enthusiasm were evident as she navigated the course. It was a thrilling group filled with skill, determination, and a celebration of the sport. Chris Hopton’s consistent  performances and remarkable abilities will make him once of the favorites for the league title.

Group 4 had two under 12’s competitors with Jensen Black and Jake Cottrell being accompanied by Jamie Cottrell. In an exciting Footgolf league match, Jamie Cottrell put forth a strong performance, hitting a score of 70. Although he was disappointed not to break into the 60’s, Jamie remains determined and optimistic, knowing he has a couple more events to achieve his goal. Jensen Black showcased his skills, shooting a respectable score of 76. In the battle of the under 12’s, Jake narrowly edged out the competition with a score of 75. It was a closely contested group, highlighting the talent and potential of these young players. With their unwavering dedication, Jamie, Jensen, and Jake are sure to continue making strides in the league.

Group 5 was chopped and changed last minute and ended up as a group of 3 with Gareth Parker, Talan Annear and under 16 maestro Callum Yeates. The dynamic group of three players took to the course, ready to showcase their skills and compete for victory. The atmosphere was charged with excitement as Talan Annear, Callum Yeates, and Gareth Parker prepared to tee off. Talan Annear, known for their precision and finesse, displayed their mastery of the game from the very first hole. With each shot, Talan’s confidence grew, and their skillful play left the rest of the group in awe. With an impressive score of 65, Talan Annear emerged as the undisputed champion of the group, solidifying his reputation as a formidable competitor and a dark horse for the Footgolf Devon league title. Meanwhile, under 16’s competitor Callum Yeates demonstrated remarkable talent and determination. Despite his young age, Callum’s shots showcased a level of skill and maturity beyond their years. With a score of 70, Callum’s performance was nothing short of impressive, earning them well-deserved recognition and admiration from fellow players and onlookers. Gareth Parker, a seasoned player with a wealth of experience, brought his A-game to the match. With a combination of power and precision, Gareth navigated the course with finesse, delivering great approach shots and steady putts. Gareth’s final score of 71 showcased his unwavering dedication and passion for Footgolf. This group was a true testament to the talent and sportsmanship within the Footgolf community. Each player brought their unique skills and style to the game, creating an atmosphere of friendly competition and camaraderie. From Talan Annear’s exceptional performance to Callum Yeates’ promising display and Gareth Parker’s seasoned expertise, it was a group that had everything

The final group out was missing 2 players who dropped out last minute and therefore Luke Coombes and Will Lugg went out as a group of two. Luke Coombes and Will Lugg formed an unstoppable team. With their skills and determination, they took on the course with gusto. However, on this particular outing, Luke faced a challenge in trying to emulate his outstanding performance from the previous match. Despite his efforts, he couldn’t quite replicate his last score. Nevertheless, he still managed to impress with a solid score of 74, showcasing his consistency and resilience. Meanwhile, the under 16’s emerging prodigy continued to dazzle everyone with their incredible talent. With each event, he seemed to raise the bar even higher. In event 8, he delivered yet another stunning performance, recording an impressive score of 69. His skill and composure on the course is truly remarkable, solidifying his status as a rising star in the Footgolf world. Luke and Will’s partnership remained strong, as they supported and encouraged each other throughout the game. They understood that every event presents an opportunity for growth and learning. Luke, despite not matching his previous score, showed great sportsmanship and determination to improve. And the emerging prodigy, Will continued to shine, proving that age is just a number when it comes to talent and passion.

On a windy and cold evening, the Footgolf league night was a bit quieter than usual. However, it didn’t dampen the spirits of the players, especially Chris Hopton and Chris Lewis, who both shot an impressive 61. Despite the challenging weather conditions, their skills shone through, and they delivered outstanding performances.

A special shout out goes to under 12’s Jake Cottrell, who had the score of the night with an impressive 75. It’s great to see players like Jake stepping up and showcasing their talent on the course. And let’s not forget about the continued improvement of Will Lugg, who once again scored the best under 16 score. Well done, Will!

As the league takes a break for two weeks, anticipation builds for the league final. They say there’s always a quiet before the storm, and it’s clear that the final will be an intense and thrilling event. So mark your calendars, because on the 18th of August, the league will be back for more nail-biting drama and exciting Footgolf action. Get ready for the adrenaline rush at the Field of Dreams – the revolution of Southwest Footgolf

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