Match Day 5 – 30th June

Footgolf Devon player about to kick his football into the field with a sky full of lightening
Footgolf Devon player about to kick his football into the field with a sky full of lightening

The Footgolf Devon League event 5 that took place on Friday 30th June was a true test of skill and endurance for all the players involved. The weather was wet and windy, but the players were undeterred and determined to give their best. Despite the challenging conditions, the event was a great success, and all the participants showcased their incredible talent and dedication to the sport.

The course was challenging, with many obstacles and tricky shots that required precision and accuracy. The players had to navigate through the rough terrain and avoid the hazards to reach the holes. The wet and windy conditions made it even more difficult, but the players rose to the challenge and showed their true grit and determination.

Despite the weather, there were some truly impressive shots that left the spectators in awe. The players showed their creativity and skill, using a variety of techniques to get the ball into the holes. Some shots were long and powerful, while others were delicate and precise. It was a testament to the versatility and adaptability of the players, who were able to adjust their game to suit the conditions.

The event was a great opportunity for the Footgolf community to come together and celebrate their shared passion for the sport. The players were supportive and encouraging of each other, and there was a real sense of camaraderie and sportsmanship throughout the event. It was clear that everyone was there to have fun and enjoy the game, and the wet and windy conditions only added to the challenge and excitement.

In a thrilling group full of footgolf stars, group one hosted Chris Hopton, Gary Fisher, and Chris Lewis who battled it out on a wet and windy Friday evening. Despite the challenging conditions, all three players put on an impressive display of skill and determination.

Chris Hopton was in top form, scoring an impressive minus 2 (64) on the challenging course. However, he was not the only one to shine that evening. Chris Lewis hit minus 3 (63) whilst Gary Fisher hit a stunning 62 (-4) making it a tight match with plenty of excitement.

As they made their way through the course, the wind was strong and the rain came down in little but often showers, making it a difficult game for everyone. However, the three players persevered, determined to come out on top. Despite the weather, they showed incredible skill, sinking shots from impossible angles and navigating tricky obstacles with ease.

Chris Lewis’ performance was truly impressive mid-way through. Not only did he hit a score of minus 3 (63) for the match, but he also managed to get another hole in one, this time on Hole 5. This was his second hole in one of the season, which is a remarkable achievement. Gary Fisher was also on top form, and he came very close to getting a hole in one himself straight after Chris but unfortunately he missed by just a few inches, but it was still an incredible shot. These moments of skill and precision really added to the excitement of the match, and the players were all in awe of each other’s abilities and Fisher shone through by topping this group of stars.

Group 2 set off with Sam Evans, Dan Bealey and youngster Max Bealey. In an electrifying Footgolf group, newcomer Dan Bealey set the course ablaze with an incredible performance considering this is his second time playing scoring a jaw-dropping 67 and setting the bar high for the other newcomers. Footgolf Devon’s Sam Evans was hot on his heels, hitting a score of 68 and keeping the pressure on Dan throughout the match. The tension was palpable as the two players battled it out, each determined to come out on top.

But the excitement didn’t end there. The match also saw the return of under 12 newcomer Max Bealey, who showed incredible promise and skill on the course. Despite some nerves, Max managed to score an impressive 99, leaving the crowd in awe of his talent.

In the overall table, Sam Evans is still is being chased by the tenacious Paul Hawkins, who is determined to finish above him . With several league events still to be played, the competition is sure to be fierce, and the players are all hungry for victory.

Paul was next out in group 3 along with Neil Keen and two under 12’s Jaydan Hawkins and Blake Keen. In a thrilling match of Footgolf, Paul Hawkins of Footgolf Devon rediscovered his form and shot a brilliant minus 4 score of 62. Despite some spurts of brilliance, Neil Keen couldn’t find his rhythm and shot a respectable 76. Meanwhile, under 12  players Blake Keen and Jayden Hawkins hit 71 and 73 respectively in a close match that kept the crowd on the edge of their seats.

From the very first hole, it was clear that Paul was in top form. He hit his shots with precision and accuracy, leaving the other players struggling to keep up. He made his way around the course with ease, sinking shot after shot with remarkable accuracy.

Neil Keen, on the other hand, had a more difficult time. He had moments of brilliance, hitting some impressive shots, but he couldn’t maintain a consistent rhythm and fell behind early on. Blake Keen and Jayden Hawkins put up a good fight, hitting some impressive shots and keeping the pressure on each other throughout the 18 holes.

As the match progressed, Paul continued to dominate, hitting shot after shot with incredible accuracy. He remained focused and determined, refusing to let the pressure get to him. By the time he reached the final hole, he had built up an impressive score.

Paul Hawkins’ determination to win this week was evident throughout the match, and it was clear that he had been training hard for this moment. He had even been talking trash to his colleague, Sam Evans, all week at work, letting him know that he was coming for him. And sure enough, Paul delivered on his promise, putting on an incredible performance and leaving most of the competition in the dust.

In a closely contested match of Footgolf, group 4 saw newcomers Jamie Cottrell, Luke Coombes and under 12’s Jake Cottrell, and Jensen Black put on an impressive display of skill and Footgolf ability. Despite the pressure of the competition, these new and young players remained focused and determined, hitting shot after shot with incredible accuracy.

Jamie Cottrell got off to a strong start, hitting some impressive shots and building a solid lead early on. He remained focused throughout the match, never letting the pressure get to him despite some lightening tee shots. By the time he reached the final hole, he had built up an impressive score of 72, a testament to his hard work and determination.
Luke Coombes had a more difficult time, struggling through a tough front 9. But he refused to give up, hitting some impressive shots on the back 9 and making up for lost ground. In the end, he finished with a respectable score of 73, a testament to his perseverance and determination.

The under 12’s Jake Cottrell and Jensen Black put up a good fight, hitting some amazing shots and putts whilst keeping the pressure on each other. Jake Cottrell hit a score of 72, putting him one shot in front of Jensen Black who was right behind him, hitting a score of 73 and remaining in contention until the very end.

The Footgolf event held last night was a thrilling event that saw some of the most talented players in the league compete against each other and group 5 was the advert with Eliot Fisher, Ashley-Bevan Smith, Toby Follett and Andy Isaac.

The star of the show was undoubtedly Tony Follet, also known as “The Force” for his incredible power and accuracy in Footgolf. His skills are so impressive that many have compared him to a Jedi, with his ability to hit shots with incredible precision and accuracy reminiscent of the famous Star Wars characters. With his calm and focused demeanor, Tony is able to channel his energy and use it to his advantage, hitting shots that seem impossible to the rest of us. His skills on the course are nothing short of remarkable, and it’s no wonder that he has earned the nickname “The Force”, finishing the night with an amazing score of minus 5 (61). His performance was nothing short of spectacular, and he received a standing ovation from the crowd at the end of the match.

Andy Isaac, who had been out of the league for a while, made a triumphant return, hitting some incredible shots and finishing with a score of 65. He showed that he still has what it takes to compete at the highest level, and his performance for an amateur was a reminder of his incredible skill and determination. Eliot Fisher, who has been in impressive form lately, continued his run of good form, carding another under 70 round with a score of 67. He hit some incredible shots and remained cool and clam throughout the match, refusing to let anything stand in his way despite a slip on The Stansfield.

Newcomer Ashley Bevan-Smith had a steady round hitting a score of 71, which is his first time of not hitting under 70 since starting. Despite the setback, he remained focused and delivered some A1 tee shots and some impressive putts,  showing that he has what it takes to compete at this level.

Group 6 was the group of death for the under 16 players that featured Callum Yeates, Will Lugg and George Williams. This group also hosted Steve Williams. This was an excited group that saw some of the most talented young players in the league compete against each other. Among them were Callum Yeates and Will Lugg putting on an impressive display, hitting some incredible shots and finishing the match with a score of 73 each which is a great accomplishment for their age. Another under 16 player, George Williams, also competed in the group, hitting a score of 75. He was only 2 shots back and could have been level with Callum and Will if it wasn’t for some unlucky misses.

One of the most surprising moments of this group came when Steve Williams, George’s father, had to use a clubhouse football instead of his usual Gloria Euro pass. He was startled at the difference in the feel of the ball, but he adapted quickly and hit some impressive shots throughout the match. It was a reminder that even the most experienced players can face unexpected challenges, but with his determination and focus, he overcome this obstacle and continued to perform at the highest level with a valiant score of 75.

The last group was a small group of 3 which tuned into a group of 2 at the half way mark. It’s consisted of Tomas Brown, who had been struggling with his form in recent matches as he couldn’t get under 70 however, he rediscovered his form in this match and hit an impressive score of 69, which was a great accomplishment for him. He showed that he is a true professional and has what it takes to make the top 24 for finals night on the 8th September. Another player who put on an impressive display was James. He faced some tough challenges throughout the 18 holes, but he remained focused and determined, hitting some incredible shots and finished the match with a score of 78, which he will be looking to improve on for the remaining events. Making up the 3 and her return to Footgolf, which ended up being tough return was Belinda, who struggled to find her form throughout the match. She hit a score of 57 for 9 holes, which was a disappointing result for her. Despite her best efforts, she was unable to get into the rhythm of the match, and she found herself increasingly frustrated as the game went on. After the 9th hole, Belinda decided to call it a day and withdrew from the match.

The Footgolf Devon league event 5 was a thrilling affair, with some of the top players in the league competing against each other. Among them was Tony Follett, who scored the best score of the day with 61. He showed that he has what it takes and is becoming a top seed for not just the league but also the Devon Open which is being held at Footgolf Devon. Another player who put on an impressive display was Chris Lewis, who landed a hole in one on Hole 5, and with this being his second of the Footgolf Devon league season…he is making them look easy. Jamie Cottrell was another player who caught the attention of the crowd, posing for the cameras with his shot on hole 2.  It was a fun moment that Thor himself would have been proud of and it added to the excitement of the night.

Finally, Paul Hawkins hunted down Sam Evans to over take him in the table in what is turning out to be a thrilling battle between the two that will go down to the wire.

With five events still to go, there are sure to be more exciting moments to come. The league is filled with strong players who are capable of putting on incredible displays of skill and precision, and it will be exciting to see who comes out on top in the end.

The revolution for Footgolf in the Southwest has truly began – until next time


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