League Match Three – 31st May 2024

The sun was setting over the rolling hills of Devon as players gathered for a thrilling Footgolf league match at Footgolf Devon. The vibrant green fairways glistened in the last light of the day, creating a picturesque backdrop for an evening of friendly competition.

As the players turned up, the atmosphere was electric with anticipation. Each player was determined to showcase their skills and secure a personal victory for their own title challenge. The tension in the air was palpable as the first few holes were played, with every kick and putt being closely watched by spectators and teammates alike. As the groups progressed, it became clear that every shot would count towards the final outcome. Players carefully calculated their kicks, taking into account the undulating terrain and strategically placed obstacles. The challenges of the course only added to the excitement, with players having to navigate around trees, bunkers, and water hazards to reach the elusive holes.

The Footgolf Devon league match was in full swing as Jamie Cottrell took on the role of designated adult for three juniors, Jake Cottrell, Max Alford, and Jensen Black in group 1. With Jamie guiding the young players, the pressure was on to perform well in the competition. The juniors had an impressive round, shooting off the red tee markers with precision and skill. It was Jake Cottrell who emerged victorious in the junior outing, finishing with a strong score of 3 points. Max Alford and Jensen Black also put in commendable performances, with Max finishing just behind Jake with 2 points and Jensen finishing on at -8 points.
Jamie Cottrell, meanwhile, put on a stellar performance of his own, scoring an impressive -1 on the stableford points system. His guidance and support for the juniors clearly paid off, as they all put in solid rounds on the challenging course. Jake Cottrell’s victory in the junior outing was a testament to his skill and determination, as he outperformed his competitors with a solid round of 3 points. Max Alford and Jensen Black also showed great promise, finishing with respectable scores and demonstrating their potential as future stars in the sport.

Group 2 had Chris Hopton, Paul Hawkins, George Williams and Steve Williams. Chris “Hotshot” Hopton displayed exceptional skill and precision throughout the match, shooting an impressive score of 26. His accurate kicks and strategic approach to each hole allowed him to secure the top spot for the evening and claim victory in style. Hopton’s performance left his competitors in awe and cemented his reputation as a force to be reckoned with in the Footgolf world.
But Hopton was not the only player to shine on the course that evening. Paul Hawkins, making his return to Footgolf Devon in 2024, put on a strong performance and finished the match with an impressive 23 score. Hawkins demonstrated his talent and passion for the sport, showcasing his skills and determination to succeed on the course. Steve Williams, accompanied by his son George, also put on a commendable performance during the match. Williams produced some stunning shots alongside his son, as they navigated the course together and worked towards achieving their best scores. Steve Williams finished the match with 7 points, while George scored an impressive 5 points, showcasing their shared love for the game and their dedication to improving their Footgolf skills.

Group 3 had Rob Mucklow, Talan Annear, Tony Follett and Gary Fisher. Tony Follett got off to a strong start, showcasing his skills with precision kicks and accurate shots. It was clear from the beginning that he was determined to come out on top. His steady performance throughout the round earned him a stableford score of 18, securing him the top spot in the group. Hot on Tony’s heels was Gary Fisher, who also put up an impressive performance on the course. With his powerful kicks and strategic plays, Gary managed to score 16 points and come in a close second behind Tony.
Meanwhile, both Rob Mucklow and Talan Annear struggled to find their rhythm on the course. Despite their efforts, they were unable to match the skill and precision of Tony and Gary. Rob and Talan both finished with 9 points each, tying for third place in the group. Overall, the match was filled with intense competition and impressive displays of skill. The players pushed themselves to their limits, striving to outperform their opponents and claim victory. In the end, it was Tony Follett who emerged as the victor, showcasing his talent and determination to come out on top with group 3.

Group 4 gathered at the on the first tee ready to start there round. Despite being down a player due to Mitch Pemberton’s absence, father and son duo Marcus and Will Lugg were ready to take on their guest player, Joe Carter from Jurassic Footgolf. Marcus and Will, known for their strong competitive spirit, were eager to challenge themselves against a new opponent. Joe Carter, a seasoned footgolf player at Jurassic Footgolf, Lyme Regis brought a different style to the game with his precision and accuracy. As the match began, it was clear that the competition would be fierce. Marcus and Will started off strong, with Marcus showcasing his powerful kicks and Will demonstrating his finesse in navigating the tricky obstacles on the course. However, Joe was quick to catch up, with his strategic approach and steady pace helping him keep up with the Luggs. Each player took turns leading the pack, with no one able to establish a comfortable lead. The tension mounted as the players approached the final holes, knowing that every stroke could make or break their chances of winning. In the end, it was Marcus who emerged victorious with 8 points narrowly edging out Will on 7 points. Despite the intense competition, the players shared smiles and handshakes at the end of the match, showcasing the camaraderie that footgolf fosters among its players.

The last group had Justin Yeates and the Ansley clan, including new Footgolf Devon club team member Millie Ansley.  Justin Yeates showcased his skill and prowess on the course, scoring an impressive 9 points in the stableford format. On the other hand, Bret Ansley and his son Freddie struggled to hit plus figures, with Freddie shooting -8 and Bret hitting -13. It was clear from the beginning that Justin Yeates was in top form, effortlessly navigating the course and sinking his shots with precision. His consistent performance throughout the evening earned him the top spot in this group./ Bret Ansley and his son Freddie had a challenging day on the course, struggling to find their rhythm and falling short of their expectations. Despite their difficulties, both father and son showed resilience and determination, vowing to improve their performance in future tournaments.
One standout performer of the day was Millie Ansley, who was making her Footgolf Devon debut. Despite being a newcomer to the sport, Millie showed incredible promise and skill on the course, impressing both her competitors and spectators. With her natural talent and dedication to the sport, Millie looks poised to establish a name for herself within the Footgolf world.

As Footgolf continues to grow in popularity, league evenings like the one on Friday 31st May serve as a platform for players to showcase their abilities and inspire the next generation of Footgolf enthusiasts. From seasoned veterans like Chris Hopton, Justin Yeates,to up-and-coming stars like Millie Ansley and Will Lugg each player brought their own unique style and flair to the game, making for an exciting and competitive competition. Despite the competitive nature of the league match, there was also a sense of camaraderie among the players. Laughter and friendly banter filled the air as teammates encouraged each other and offered support when shots didn’t go as planned. The spirit of sportsmanship was alive and well at Footgolf Devon, with players congratulating each other on well-played shots and offering words of encouragement to those who needed it.

In the end, one man emerged victorious with a score of 18…Chris Hopton showcasing his talent on a beautiful sunny evening at Footgolf Devon.

As the sun dipped below the horizon and the last rays of light faded away, the players gathered to reflect on the match and exchange anecdotes and memories over a freindly drink. The evening had been a perfect blend of competition, camaraderie, and natural beauty, leaving everyone with a sense of fulfillment and contentment. As the players dispersed, eager for the next match, they carried with them the shared memories of a perfect evening in the Devon sunshine.

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